My artwork covers the areas of screen printing, sculpture, light design and installation, textile design and collage.

I am a qualified art teacher working both as a freelancer and in local schools. I use the above techniques and many more to inspire children and able them to express their selves.

In addition, I am a qualified art counselor for children and adolescence. I work as an art counselor in Drayton Park Primary School, Tufnell Park Primary School and St. John's of Vale Primary School.

I am passionate about the positive effect art has on learning, self confidence and how it helps with our difficult  emotions. 

I believe you cannot go wrong with art. It allows children to be free, creative and solve problems. Through art adults can also free themselves and get playing again. When was the last time you immersed yourself in play? We can do that in art whether you painting, printing or sculpting, you just get absorbed in it.  





© Berrin Bates 2014. 

All rights reserved.                                                                 Before appearing on the internet all artworks are recorded and dated. No reproduction in whole or in part of any of the artworks or images is permitted.


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