My art work with children has resulted in the following awards and recognition being won by my pupils.

National Gallery Take One Picture Project.

In this project, parents and children brought textiles from their own country (e.g. a Somalian patterned  dress,  a Turkish design on a handbag) for discussion on the topic of "Can Textiles Talk ? "

The children then created their own patterns and screen printed them on cloth, creating a display that was shown in The National Gallery exhibition "Screen Printing on Textiles 2012"

Trafalger Sqaure Fourth Plinth Award.  

I led my pupils in a discussion of the relationship beteween colour, shape and emotions. They then created sculptures from recycled materials and Mod Rock to illustrate their thoughts from the discussion. One of the sculptures created by my pupils was selected by the judge, Antony Gormley, as one of the winners.

In 2016 my students of Drayton Park Primary School were inspired by different cultures to create an art work which came first in the Brough of Islington for the Fourth Plinth Competition.

Terrace Wires in the Community Competition Award

In 2016 my pupils in Drayton Park Primary School came first in the Terrace Wires Competition. We were taken to Royal Academy Summer exhibition and were able to meet the artist Ron Arad who created the Spyre installation in the court yard.  

Islington Refugee Week Award 

To illustrate the physical journey undertaken by refugess, I enabled my pupils to create their own symbolic journey on textiles by first walking in paint with bare feet. This created a large wall hanging which was exhibited in Islington Library and it won first prize.


Isington Religious Calendar.

I like to inspire my pupils to understand and appreciate the richness of our multi cultural society so they chose an image from their own religious background and created pictures that were then compiled into a calendar and published. 


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